Fully Custom Websites and Apps

Built from the ground up using a combination of technologies, with the trilogy at its core: HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. We also use Node and React when called for, and many other technologies. We don't use templates or web builders because fully custom webApps are specific and unique. Your website should reflect you and/or your business's vision. Fully custom sites are built to scale if needed, and provide you with full control of the application. If you need to add complex features in the future, this would probably be your best choice.

Maintenance services for the website are available, if desired. If you choose to maintain the site/app yourself, we will give you/your developer(s) the code. Either way, you own the code, which is not the case with most larger development firms. We also offer social media management services, if needed. Fully custom websites and apps are built upon an agreed upon rate.

Custom Development Partnership Contracts

All of the features of Fully Custom Websites and Apps, but based upon an hourly rate, with pre-determined weekly and/or monthly hours. This solution is best for companies that are building out a new web stack, adding features, services, etc., and are growing in size and complexity. The weekly number of hours are initially estimated based upon the complexity of the web application and its goals, so the hours may change either up or down depending upon dynamic requirements and the agreement.

A Custom Development Partnership Contract is the best solution for a company that is going to eventually need a development team(s), but doesn’t yet have the budget for a new development department. We architect the application for you, with clean code, so that future developers can just jump in and work, without having to sift through spaghetti code and without having to spend too much time on bugs (all code has bugs, btw).

Custom Wordpress sites

Wordpress sites aren't as customizable or versatile as fully custom websites, but they can be build faster, there are thousands of plugins available to add features, and they look clean and professional. CPG can also write custom Javascript, PHP, and CSS code to further enhance a Wordpress site. Some companies prefer to have a Content Management System (CMS), like Wordpress.

Social Media Management and SEO services

Your data security and privacy matter.

Any databases that we build and any code that we write that is associated with your project belongs to you. We never sell your data and your project will have SSL security by default.

Monthly Reports

If desired, all Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, and Custom Development Partnership Contract services will include a monthly report, emailed to you, describing, in detail, what CPG Development did for each service for the month. If you do not wish to receive these monthly reports, they will be archived for your future reference.


Our pricing is far below industry standards, and each client gets customizable, personal care.

Every website/webApp that we build is mobile-responsive and SSL(HTTPS) secure by default.

You own all data and it will never be shared without your explicit permission.

We study your business and it's competitors, analyze the standards for your field, coordinate with you, and leverage this research data to build exactly what you need.

Each project is personal to us, and we want to build long-term relationships with our clients.

Standard Website/App build packages

For those clients that need a quick build process or don't really know yet what they need, we offer standard packages. Keep in mind that these standard packages can later be customized to meet your specifications.

Static Website (perfect for artists, photographers, musicians & small businesses)
  • web hosting and DNS configuration
  • responsive design (so your site looks great on all devices)
  • customizable navigation bar
  • up to 5 pages of content
  • SSL (secure socket layer security integration)

Dynamic Blog Apps (perfect for writers, journalists, thought leaders & travelers)
  • web hosting and DNS configuration
  • responsive design (so your site looks great on all devices)
  • permissioned actions (login & posting)
  • SSL (secure socket layer security integration)
  • database integration and storage

Standard Websites w/ Payment Integration (great for businesses and non-profits who need to accept online payments securely)
  • all Standard Website features (see above)
  • SSL (secure socket layer security integration)
  • eCommerce interface integration w/secure onlne payment solutions
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Google Analytics tracking

Dynamic Social Web App
  • all Standard Website features (see above)
  • permissioned actions on web app (login, posting, comments)
  • SSL (secure socket layer security integration)
  • database integration and storage
  • up to 5 animation effects
  • pagination (click through numbered pages)

view live sample app

Business Site w/Integrated Social App (for businesses that want to establish a community ecosystem)
  • all Standard Website features (see above)
  • all Dynamic Social Web App features (see above)
  • SSL (secure socket layer security integration)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • up to 8 animation effects

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À La Carte Add-Ons

  • payment integration
  • extra pages
  • user profiles (Social Apps only)
  • animations
  • pop-up messages and modals (ex."more info" expanded windows)
  • Advanced SEO (search engine optimization)
  • contact form w/ reCaptcha anti-spam security (so people can contact you directly through your website securely)
  • If there is a feature that you would like added to your site or app that isn't listed here, or if you would like more details about an add-on, please contact us and we'll get back to you promptly with options and prices.

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